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Club Stripper “Kris-Lynn Williams” Turns Child of God after Divine Encounter

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Club Stripper " Kris-Lynn Williams " Turns Child of God after Divine Encounter

On the September 22, 2013 – That was the day I met my Husband. I had been a stripper in Tampa, Miami & Vegas for the past 6 years and me and my girls were at the local After Hours club where Justin and his brothers were selling molly, x, weed, and cocaine. Justin & I did all 4.

And from that night we became inseparable. We were the IT couple and living a crazy life, Money, Drugs, Pimps, Strippers, Every night, That’s all we knew. Alot of you that “know” me are probably saying to yourself “But wasn’t she a Pastor’s daughter growing up? At church every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sundays? Pastor Kid retreats and youth camps? Yea. That was me. I could speak in tongues too.

Been seeing things in the Spirit since I was a little girl and could finish any scripture you started. I had witnessed “religion” my whole life (not all bad) but honestly the majority i wanted no part in what it had to offer. All Satan ever replayed for me was a memory. Back in 2006, Being pregnant at 18 and after burning all my bridges, I was sleeping on the floor at salvation army (Thank God for SOLVE Homes) I felt worthless. I never wanted to feel like that again, so i determined in my mind not to feel anything at all. And get money.

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After I had met Justin, as I continued dancing, the holy spirit would start talking to me. I would run to the bathroom and do a line in the dressing room and yell, ” YOU STILL WANNA TALK?! Why don’t you just leave me alone?!” He never did. Talk about His Reckless Love? (Shaking My Head). I started having visions of Satan in the crowd while I was on stage clapping for me (Shaking My Head). (he ain’t clapping now!)

A few months later, Justin goes to court and is supposed to be sentenced 15 YEARS in prison. But God showed up in the court room and instead he gets put on house arrest for a year following 3 years of a 10 o’clock curfew (Smiles). As we’re walking out the court room, he says, “You’re not dancing no more!” (Smiles). I got Isaiah back from my Mom, who had been with her for that 5 month span. And we started to try the family thing.

May 29, 2015 (A year later) – Was the day we walked into Truth Outreach International Ministries and really experienced God like never before and have been chasing after Him ever since. Did we stop smoking weed right away? Of course not. Did we never sin again? What do you think? But we never stopped going to church. The more we fell in love with Him, the less we wanted to hurt Him and now we are drug free. His heartbeat became our own. People would say “Well you cant turn a hoe into a housewife!” But i am living proof that God can turn you into what you were CREATED to be in the first place! I went from watching my husband chase money and women, and his brothers’ approval to chasing God and waking up in the middle of the night to Him on the bedroom floor literally crying out “NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS GOD!

I’ll never know why He chased us. The song “Reckless Love” touches my SOUL. A Love so Reckless that in the middle of a strip club He thought about me?! He chased me?! (Shaking My Head). My husband has 4 felonies, absolutely no church background and He wants him to preach the gospel? To go back into the very trap houses and clubs we hung out in and deliver His people?! All i know is God is REAL. He will never fit in this box that we subconsciously, religiously try to contain Him in. He saved my life. He saved Justin’s life. How could we not follow Him?! It’s not protocol, it’s not a chore, but an honor. He took filthy rags and made us whole. He calls me beautiful! He’s such a Good Good Father & He is the reason why I can even sit here today and tell my testimony Unashamed.

And although Justin is currently in Loving Hands Ministries a residential discipleship program that is preparing him,

Kris-Lynn Williams and Justin at After Hours when they first met.

Kris-Lynn Williams and Justin standing before their spiritual mother Apostle Michelle Kelly their first time meeting her and The Words of Truth doing something on the inside of them.

When 2 became 1

Here is a picture of their kids


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