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A Review Of Wind and Water By Native Kingdom

wind and water

The song, “Wind and water” by “Native Kingdom,” is a lyrically rich soft rock Christian piece. In this well crafted piece, good lyrics,  rhythm, tune and production meets evenly to produce good music.
The song starts off calmly with a subtle ‘rhythmic wailing,’ perhaps to brace listeners up for three minutes, fifty seconds of good music. The singer followed with a synergistic verse that introduced the song and its message to listeners in a clear and interesting manner.
In the song, the writer and/or singer expresses his dogged hope and trust in God regardless of how turbulent any situation or experience seems, and he effectively tries to ignite the same paradigm in the hearts of listeners. The song expresses one’s firm resolve to believe in God and his limitless power, despite hurdles experienced or yet to be faced.
Nonetheless, I find it truthful and necessary to opine that the song can/would be a lot better if the [lead] singer recorded the song with back up singers. The chorus and the verse(s) (excluding the first verse) could have sounded a lot better with the background voice effect of back up singers. Such piece shouldn’t be a one-man-song.
Such song, especially in its chorus, should be backed up melodiously with slightly thunderous voice effects from the back up singers to create an image or picture in the minds of listeners that matches with the song lyrics. Lyrics like “you are God over the wind,” “even in the roaring thunder, all my hope is in you,” “Through the wilderness you go with me,” “through the shadow of death you go with me,” etc should be backed up with melodious humming (with at least three back up singers to take at least three parts).
Such back up voice effects work perfectly with songs having such lyrics, as they present a sort of pictorial representation (in the minds of listeners) of the message of the song. Listeners desire beyond hearing a song. They desire to ‘feel in the song.’ Such melodious ‘back up plan’ transports the listener into the song, and the song into him. Such oneness between music and its listener(s) would easily be achieved in such a song with such lyrics if back up singers are to be introduced to add humming effects in certain areas (the chorus especially), to make the lyrics emphatic and to give the song better grounds to leave a lasting impression and longing in the minds of listeners.
In overall, “wind and water,” by “Native Kingdom” is an almost faultless song and is easy to fall in love with. Its lyrics are relatable and everyone wants what they can relate to. This song exorbitantly wields and dispenses the luxury of good Christian music desired by many. DOWNLOAD Wind and Water Here>

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