Here we give answers to Christian faith based questions, controversial topics explained with  biblical references, truth and mystery uncovered and explained, insightful write ups by teachers of the word.

ARTICLE:: “Thou Shalt Not Argue The Holy Scriptures “-The New Found Law-Vol 1

Isn't it obvious that almost everyone wants to engage in social media bible debate, today ? The reasons why...

ARTICLE:: The “Anti-Grace & Righteousness By Faith In Christ Jesus Alone” Messengers

I had a very interesting chat on WhatsApp with a preacher, some months ago. We were sharing about soul...

ARTICLE:: Memo To Artiste – Unachi Sunday|@iamfreshboii

Dear Artiste, Happy new year. From my corner I want to sincerely wish you a good music year. As usual it will...

ARTICLE:: Is Grace a License to Sin? – Abel Damina

No man needs a license to do evil. The fallen state of man affords him that. Any man who is...
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