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Tori Kelly Inspired by True Events Mp3 Zip : Tori Kelly Finally drops her highly anticipated Project “Inspired by True Events”. Download full Album Below;

“I happened to be visiting home, so I grabbed all these old home videos and spent like two days crying my eyes out and not sleeping,” LA-based singer-songwriter Tori Kelly tells Apple Music. Some of those deeply personal moments are interspersed throughout her third LP—itself something of a home movie documenting her own marriage alongside the dissolution of her parents’. The album arrives less than a year after 2018’s gospel-influenced Hiding Place and serves as a companion piece, as many of the songs were written during those sessions. “It’s almost like a big puzzle piece that fits together,” she says. “I felt like I was telling people, ‘These gospel songs, they really helped me get through this hard time.’

Now I’m sharing more specifically what I was actually going through.” With the guidance of a host of songwriters, Kelly teases a whole lot of perspective out of some pretty universal themes—growing up, love, absence, aging, hope—and, toggling between between R&B, soul, blues, and acoustic pop, crafts a set of intimate songs. Here are their stories.

Track List


1. Coffee // DOWNLOAD

2. 12/16/1992 // DOWNLOAD

3. Change Your Mind // DOWNLOAD

4. Language // DOWNLOAD

5. 2 Places // DOWNLOAD

6. 8/28/1997 // DOWNLOAD

7. Kid I Used To Know // DOWNLOAD

8. Pretty Fades // DOWNLOAD

9. 3/2/1991 // DOWNLOAD

10. Sorry Would Go a Long Way // DOWNLOAD

11. Actress // DOWNLOAD

12. The Lie // DOWNLOAD

13. Until I Think of You // DOWNLOAD

14. 3/26/1994 // DOWNLOAD

15. Your Words // DOWNLOAD

16. Before the Dawn // DOWNLOAD



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