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David Bowden – I Believe in Jesus Mp3 Download

David Bowden - I Believe in Jesus Mp3 Download

download David BowdenI Believe in Jesus Mp3

I believe in Jesus. This is the central claim of the Christian faith. Christians believe that the historical person of Jesus was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin by the will and power of God. Jesus came as the savior God had been promising throughout history to his people the Israelites recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures (what Christians call the Old Testament). Humanity needed a savior because all people have rebelled against God, ruined his good creation, and refused to acknowledge him as Lord of all. Therefore, this good God, not letting evil go unpunished, must judge all mankind. That is why Jesus came. Jesus is God in human flesh. He came to live the perfect life we couldn’t live so that, though he didn’t deserve it, he could die the death we did deserve in our place. Therefore, all the punishment our sin deserved was poured out on Jesus. Jesus died the death we should have died. But he also rose from the dead to show us that death has no power over those who believe in him. So now, anyone who believes this truth claim – that Jesus is God who died for our sins and rose from the dead – can be reconciled to God, not as his enemy, but as his son or daughter.

We invite you to make this simple claim: “I believe in Jesus.”

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I Believe in Jesus (lyrics)

I believe in Jesus – the firstborn of all creation
The prelude to Adam, the author of Eden
By all, in all, through all, Genesis’ reason
The husband of the newborn bride
I believe Earth is
One of His love’s brightest beacons

I believe in Jesus – the infant king
Ruler of the heavens, the universe’s spring
Yet He took the frailest of forms
The weakest of things
For our mighty God was not too proud
For the stable and trough of Bethlehem’s sting

I believe in Jesus – the forgiver of men
Since man would not come to God
God came to them
Though we spit in His face
Through our arrogance and sin
Holiness became flesh
So that it might be forgiven

I believe in Jesus – the perfection of the law
For creation was doomed
By the requirements it scrawled
But He came not to abolish correction
But succeed where we did fall
And wrote a new law on our hearts
Love God and love all

I believe in Jesus – the horribly betrayed
Unknown by the world He
Himself had made
Handed over to death by a follower
To whom silver was paid
Disowned by a friend three times in one day

I believe in Jesus – the suffering servant on the cross
To save the lives of the sinful
He considered His own life lost
Endured the torture of man
Whips and nails in His flesh were embossed
Received the righteous wrath of God
The judge bearing our judgment – the ultimate cost

I believe in Jesus – the flesh in the tomb
He bore the end of a normal human
As He was born of a human’s womb
He died a criminal’s death
And was buried in another man’s room
God the Son lay dead, the lifeless groom

But I still believe in Jesus
And the body of His resurrection
For He redefined life in death’s final rejection
Showed holes in hands
To over 500 of His own selection
So that humanity would not be able to raise an objection
To the fact that Jesus Christ is God the Son
And has made the ultimate connection

So I believe in Jesus
And the commissioning of his ascension
He ascended to God’s right hand, forever in intercession
Leaving His truth in the hands of a few
The first to be called His Christians
His hands and feet are now the Church
His boundless reconciling expression
This is our heritage
They are our relatives
And this
This is our confession
We believe in Jesus Christ
And resurrection


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