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[MP3] Fonny Michael – The Rain Mp3 Download


There is a shift in the atmosphere and God is releasing as rain everything we have prayed and hoped for.
This song is Fonny Michael’s way of affirmation and prophetic declaration of all that God has spoken to His church in recent times. Our prayer is that as you listen, you join in making these declarations until they are evidently manifested in your life. God bless you.

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I hear the sound of rain

And i hear the thunders roll

I see the flash of lightening in the skies

I know it’s gonna rain

I know it’s gonna pour

Oh oh oh

Listen to the sound of the rain

It’s coming down

Down on me

Oh oh oh

The rain of His grace

The rain of His Spirit

The rain of His Power

Raining down on me

The rain of His love

The rain of miracles

The rain of his favour

Raining down on me

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Raining down on me

It’s raining 3x

Down on me

Its pouring 3x

Down of me

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