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Saint Erick is a multi talented Nigerian gospel Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, writer, IT Professional and an Entrepreneur.

He started singing at the age of eight and has been a member of the church choir since he was twelve. His affinity for Rap music began to grow at the age of fifteen after he listen to a rap song with a line (licensed to rap in Jesus name).

In 2006 he was given the post of a youth leader in a renowned church in Warri, Delta State, NIGERIA – where he was also the choir leader but left in 2008 to pursue his dream.

He strongly believe that rapping according to gospel is a great tool to preach God’s word.

According to him, his latest single ”Overdose with the Holy Ghost”, was inspired by the word of God in Ephesians 5:18
Where the Bible said we shouldn’t be drunk with wine but rather we should be filled with the spirit, and my love for the Holy Spirit of God propelled me to write the song and that’s why I entitled it (Overdose with the Holy Ghost) cause when you have the Holy Ghost you do great things and when you’re Overdose with the Holy Ghost. You Can never be afraid of the devils and his cohorts”.

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Just cause I’m overdose
with the Holy Ghost
They think I’m crazy
Some even said I tush
But that’s the life I choose
Cause every time I do,
is in the Holy Ghost (2×)
I’m drunk (2×)
Drunk in the (2×)
Drunk in the Holy Ghost
I’m drunk (2×)
Drunk in the (2×)
Drunk the Holy Ghost.

Rap verse (1)
Came from above where my origin is
Sent by the father, here on a mission
And no hesitation, cause I’ve gat the vision
Started from the bottom now I’m on top
Haters hating more but still I’m soaring high
Now I’m on a fast lane flying on first class
Spreading my wings wide, No need for sunglass
Hitting on punch lines making our God proud
Preaching the gospel of Christ
To every creature I see, in every nation I go
Forces dey bow down
Trembling at my feet cause I’m anointed
Filled with the Holy Ghost
My spirit overdose my enemies on the run
Cause I’m brighter than the sun and I’m hot like fire
I’m a born king, I no dey borrow pose
If Holy Ghost is in you, you gat the real dose
So better stop the sly so you can fly with Christ.

Rap verse (2)
I’m headed to the top because I’m overdose
I’m sure you heard me once and now you heard my twice
Just cause I’m overdose with the Holy Ghost
They think I’m crazy some even said I tush
But that’s the life I choose, cause every time I do, is in the Holy Ghost
I get the real dose cause I’m a soldier for Christ I no dey fear face
Claiming territories, kill every beast
Won every battle, never lose one
Each time I step on the scene
Ma enemies deceased
I’m a church boy, I no bi rude boy, fly high soar high
That’s why they call me champ
Cause I’m a real goal getter and I do it for Christ
Forget the tush boy, alomo no dey ogogoro dey down grade
Though they may look nice but you should think twice before you overdose.

Rap verse (3)
I’m made in the image of the most high
Glory be to God praise to the king
Hallowed be his name now I dwell in secret place of the most high
Used to live for me but now I live for Christ
Stretching out my hands, healing every sick
I’m so blessed I never lack
Had a night with the King he put the crown on me but when I testify they said I’m bragadocious Ehhh
Let’s talk of overdose
Life is in God’s hands giving me all I need, miracle hopes and dreams victory is my name
From genesis, to revelation
Is what you say you get using the power of tongue
We no dey do drugs but when they see us, they know we don dose
Cause everywhere we go we do the Holy Ghost whereby is overdose.

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