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we alert and keep you informed of apostolic happenings and the manifestations of sons, we are a large diary of minutes acquired from the gathering of sons.

EVENT: ELIC3 Comes Alives On May 1st 2018

ELIC3 Comes Alives On May 1st 2018 1st of May rings a bell; not because it is Workers’ Day, but because it is another time with ELIC ! The gospel Afro-beats master, EmmyKokz and a host of other gospel artists will be hitting you like…

EVENT:: ONE ON ONE with Same OG |@its_sameog

In 2017 she was UNVEILED and by now I BELIVE you all know who Same OG is - the I BALL crooner. OH GOD, this lady is just TOO MUCH, she's got the POWER to GIVE IT ALL. Her music dey CARRY ME DEY GO and I can't wait till 21st of April to…