The Evangelical Rapper “Freeboy” Modifies His Stagename

The Rapper/Singer of the Gospel of Christ has made few adjustment to his stage name. Freeboy came to limelight after the

release of his trending gospel jam “Song Of Victory” which gained massive audinence.

In his own words ” Henceforth, I prefer to be referred to as ‘TGIFreeboy’. It got to my notice that there are lots of

artistes (secular) both within Nigeria and outside Nigera who also chose Freeboy as a stage name. The need for this change

came in after I received several comments from people regretting that they had bought the wrong songs on iTunes,Apple Music

and some other digital platforms. The “TGI” means “Thank God It’s” Which now results to ‘Thank God It’s Freeboy’. My name

remains Freeboy but I just modified my stage name to avoid tarnishing of one’s image. I’ll be launching this new stage name

on a new song soonest, Thanks for understanding ”

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