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NEWS:: Hillsong Worship’s Singer-songwriter Brooke Ligertwood Believes Church Songs Are “The Ultimate Pop Music.”

Hillsong Worship’s singer-songwriter Brooke Ligertwood believes church songs are “the ultimate pop music.”

“In some ways church songs are the ultimate pop music. Pop music is music that everyone can connect to and get on board with, and that’s really the same with worship music,” she told Newshub. “Ideally, it’s music that you can come in to a church and sing, whether you’re a mechanic or a singer or a doctor or a stay-at-home mum, that you would find a connection point in those lyrics which uplifts you, connects you to God and helps you on your own journey.”

The singer recently won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for “What A Beautiful Name.”

It seems pop music singers have taken notice of Ligertwood’s work, including singer Selena Gomez who previously sang her praises in a Breathecast report.

“I love Brooke Fraser. She’s my favorite and I have the pleasure of knowing her and she’s incredible,” Gomez said. “I’ve always loved her music.”

Gomez also spoke about her love for Hillsong Worship as a whole.

“I love all of their worship, I’m a sucker for all of it,” she said.

Last year, Ligertwood spoke to Air1 about her love for more than worship music but church as well. For the worship singer, church is more than just a Sunday experience, but a community that can be shared with other believers.

“The idea that the people that you sit beside on Sunday aren’t just people that you brush shoulders with and never speak with again during the week,” she said. “But the idea of true community being people that you do the highs and the lows with, people that pray with you when things are tough and rejoice with you when things are going great.”

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